Are skull rings cool to buy?
Sep 2018

Skull rings have found new-found popularity among men who would not have accessorized with jewelry before. Due to the hype surrounding trendy skull rings, Men can now embrace their masculinity to the fullest.

No doubt about it, skull jewelry is soaring in popularity. Yeah I know, people have been buying this type of jewelry for many decades, but because of people adapting frequently to new styles and trends, skull jewelry is at the forefront in popular jewelry buying trends in 2018.

Made so much more popular by the fact many celebrities are photographed wearing various skull accessories.

Johnny Depp Skull Obsession
             Johnny Depp would make Jack Sparrow so jealous!


Cashing in on the appeal

People are attracted by the stylish appeal of owning such a powerful symbolic piece, of course, the fashion industry appreciates how versatile the skull is for design purposes, and has embraced this trend to the fullest. Typically selling overpriced designer rings complete with Ruby's and crystals.

More than just bad ass jewelery

People often associate skulls with pirates and anarchy. These days, however, they are made in various sizes and designs. Varying from "huge badass" manly rings, to small and elegant items which are customized, ideal for women in particular.

Men can buy a skull ring, embrace their power, and individualism without feeling slightly feminine.

Skull jewelry often gets associated with biker gang's, and similar social groups, that much is obvious, usually to symbolize their manliness, ego, and inner strength.

Skulls compel people. People can relate to the skull's, and what they signify from a spiritual/symbolic perspective.

Some Civilizations in the past viewed a skull as a symbol of life and rebirth. These rituals involved piercing the actual body to make various jewelry and accessories.

It is strongly suggested that people have been using the symbolic power of skull jewelry for many centuries.

People saw the connection between sacred skulls, their mortality, and acceptance - creating what is known as "memento mori" ("remember you are going to die eventually"). So why not embrace life for what it is.

Stylish Polished Skull Design

Caution when buying skull jewelry

Due to the popularity of these designs , supply online has increased. It's important to understand that doing your research to avoid overpaying for substandard, poorly designed merchandise is crucial.

These Skull Rings are most commonly made with fine sterling silver, as this is very durable and cost-effective. Of course, it looks very sleek and stylish.

Be cautious of weak prongs that hold the heavily setting of a skull ring in place. Also, poor quality copper alloys contain nickel and in extreme cases laden with lead to cash in on the high demand for these items.

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