Frequently Asked Questions covering various Earring types
Sep 2018

There are many Earring types to choose from in 2018. I thought it would be fun and helpful to cover various earrings questions we have received from customers over the past few weeks.

Some of the questions might seem trivial, but that is why I love the jewelry business. You get to meet so many unique and wonderful people. We Thought it only right to ask the permission of the customers involved in the dialogue.

So without further ado:

Can I leave my earrings out overnight?

It just depends on the individual. Some women can go many months without the piercing hole starting to heal. I can't leave my earrings out for more than 2 hours! I recommend you wear stud earrings before bedtime to stay safe.

How long after ear piercing can I change earrings?

Woman with earrings, and cotton swab

It's recommended to wait six weeks before changing your earrings. Your piercing runs the risk of closing over and becoming infected. Even if you avoid these issues, there's also a high risk of the skin becoming delicate to the touch, resulting in pain when putting your earrings back in!

Can you wear earrings through airport security?

In my experience, if your earrings weigh less than one ounce, it shouldn't be an issue for the metal detector.

I can't get earring through back hole?

Woman putting earring in ear

This issue is mostly due to scar tissue blocking the hole. Try merely lubricating your lobe with soap and water, then gently pushing it through the back of your ear. Pull slightly on your earlobe.

Can I wear earrings in a passport photo?

Yes, you should be fine as long as the earrings don't cover your face. They would have to be absolutely huge for that to be an issue!

Can you be allergic to surgical steel earrings?

Yes, but it's very rare to be allergic to surgical steel. It only has a trace amount of nickel present, hence why it's very common for body piercings.

How can I tell if my earrings are real gold?

Golden Leprechaun

Searching for the hallmark on the earrings to prove authenticity is unreliable. It's very common for Fake jewelry to have convincing looking trademarks. If your earrings are attracted to a magnet, they are fake. Obviously, gold is non-magnetic!

You can always test them in water. Gold is a very dense, heavy metal. If they sink to the bottom, they are probably the real deal. To determine if your earrings are gold without a shadow of a doubt though, you need to take them to a local jewelry dealer to have them appraised.

When can I wear dangly earrings?

It's advised to wait six weeks after the initial piercing as mentioned previously. To reduce the risk of the hole opening up, you should choose a light pair of dangle earrings to start off with. Length of these earrings won't be an issue.

Can you wear earrings in the air force?

I'm not really qualified to give a definitive answer. Although I hope this source I found about wearing earrings in the Air Force will be of some use.

Can you put earrings in your nose?

It's possible to stick earrings in your nose, but I strongly advise against it. You always run the risk of infection passing from ear to nose, and stretching the nostril, and septum tissue.
Gauge size would be an important factor, along with the earring styles, and settings.

Can I buy used earrings?

You can buy what you so desire. Just make sure to sterilize the earings with boiling water, and surgical spirit to kill the germs, and various bacteria.

Can you be allergic to gold earrings?

It's very rare to be allergic to gold. More often than not it's the nickel that is contained within the gold earrings that is the cause!

Can guys wear pearl earrings?

Yes, absolutely! There are pearl earrings that re-emphasize a man's style, class, and inner strength. Pearl earrings designed for men are specifically focused on making men look more elegant, and sexy! Having said that, my man refuses to wear pearled jewelry of any description.

Can you be allergic to titanium earrings?

I have personally never known anyone to be allergic to titanium earrings. Without question it is an ideal choice for anyone that has a sensitive skin type. Titanium jewelry is far purer than other jewelry metals, which contain nickel, and chromium.
It is widely used for body piercings and surgical implants with a lower risk factor.

Can you wear diamond earrings in the shower?

Always remove diamond jewelry before entering the shower. The soap and oils can reduce the sparkle, and shine of many items over time. Not to mention unwanted residue and gunk buildup. Most people are unaware of this!

Can babies wear sterling silver earrings?

Baby with Earrings.jpg

Sterling silver has low amounts of nickel, So yeh this could be a suitable choice. As you probably know, experts strongly advise you to wait until the baby has had his/her first tetanus shot.

Why do guys wear earrings in their left ear?

It's silly really. I think it was a notion originating from the 80's. Apparently, if men wore an earring on the left side, they were regarded as "straight."
Whereas you had to be gay if you wore an earring on the right ear! Or was it both? Sighs.

Why do my ears hurt when one wear's earrings?

girl with sensitive skin

There are many possible causes here, although 99% of the time it's due to an allergy, tissue scarring, and improper care.

An allergy can happen at any random time. Metal earrings you wore in the past without any issues might cause an allergic reaction now. If you have had your earrings off for several days or so that can lead to your holes closing up.

Then obviously, your effectively piercing your ears all over again. Try laying off the peroxide too. Some people are known to have adverse reactions with this cleaning agent.

Why did pirates wear earrings?

Captain Jack Sparrow with his earrings

I guess reading tales from the past you suspect they wore earrings for superstitious reasons, and to build a fashion statement. They strongly believed they could prevent seasickness, and that the earrings offered protection on their voyages.

How to wear heavy earrings?

I would advise you only to wear heavy earrings occasionally to give your lobes time to heal with the strain! Ideally only wear them for special occasions, which allow you to take them out within several hours or so.

If you insist on wearing them for a prolonged period, at least buy a numbing cream from your local pharmacy.

How to wear crawler earrings?

Don't let the creepy name put you off. These crawler earrings are trending at a fast rate! They can be worn in pairs or individually to suit your own unique style.

I prefer mine to be pierced, and not to be too over elaborate. They are available in pierced, and unpierced configurations.

How to wear chandelier earrings?

There are various chandelier earrings styles on the market to cater for different occasions, and intentions. Most women tend to wear them to create a fashion statement in my experience.

Although they can be used for formal occasions using precious metals like gold, and silver.

How to wear drop earrings?

The drop earrings can be work in any scenario. Do you want to be reflective of your personality? Maybe you eyed a pair to compliment your jewelry collection or wardrobe?

The choice is really down to your own needs, and imagination. And yes, gone are the days where you would associate them with your great-grandmother!

How to wear feather earrings?

These boho styled earrings incorporate any style and symbolism into any outfit. It's really up to the wearer to decide on the path to lead them.

How to wear pearl earrings?

Pearl earrings are very versatile. They definitely look more sophisticated when wearing them with a pearl necklace. Pearl Jewelry never seems to overpower your choice of dress in any occasion be it casual, or formal.

What earrings should I wear?

 Earrings you desire for any collection

What earrings do YOU want to wear? Please don't let your face size, and hair color dictate what earrings you want to wear! Only one person can dictate what earrings they desire, and that's YOU!

Everyone has their own unique tastes. If you think a particular pair will help you dazzle at a wedding, go right ahead! How about a pair that catches your eye, that reflect well on your personality, sure.

Did Vikings wear earrings?

Vikings were known to wear jewelry that they had pillage in battle. The Viking men are more renowned for wearing earrings than the women. Some say they had symbolic meaning that revolved around their God Thor.

What earrings to wear with a choker?

It really is down to the individual. I personally don't like my choker to be overpowered by other jewelry, hence why I usually choose earrings that match in color, metal, and style. Also, I don't like the makeup to be too overbearing when wearing a choker.

Who invented hoop earrings?

Hopped earrings have been around since the earliest days of civilization. I guess we will never have a concrete answer to that particular question, unfortunately.

How to fix hinged hoop earrings?

I assume you mean you can't close them properly? If that's the case, the post is probably bent, due to wear and tear. This is why the post is not catching, and clipping into the notches.

You could attempt to delicately bend the post with your fingers or a pair of needle pliers. Alternatively, take them to your local jewelers to fix them for a small fee.

Where hoop earrings popular in the 80s?

Madonaa and her hoop earrings

Hoop earrings were huge in the 80s! They started making a massive fashion statement, putting precious metals in the shadow. No one cared what they wore, or what they were doing.

They just wanted to make a bold statement, and go with it. Madonna was known to have increased the craze for these hooped items early on in her career.

How to keep ear piercing open without earrings?

Most women opt for the clear plugs option. Other's simply wear a plaster. I assume your lobes are not recently pierced. Otherwise, you will have to keep the earrings in for six weeks to help with the healing process.

How to pierce your ear with an earring without pain?

Women used to use ice for this, but numbing gel is a better option these days. Remember its crucial you use a sterile needle for this. Stay safe by washing the area several times daily.

Are lever back earrings for pierced ears?

Yes, the hook slips through the piercing, and rest behind the earlobe. They are commonly used with dangle earrings and an effective at securing the configuration you choose.

How to get rid of an earring infection?

It happens to the best of us don't worry. Don't forget to wash your hands before treating the infected area. Use a teaspoon of salt with 32oz distilled water. Under no circumstances should you remove the piercing!

This will close the hole and trap the bacteria. Please do not replace the salt and water with peroxide.

Do sterling silver earrings contain nickel?

Sterling silver earrings are mostly alloyed with traced copper, and occasionally with nickel as well. Our ornaments are guaranteed by our international manufacturers to contain Rhodium to strengthen the items, with no nickel present.

How to shine silver earrings?

Microfiber is ideal for shining you silver earrings for various reasons. The fiber sticks to the tarnish and doesn't scratch the silver plating. Finish up by using a lint-free cloth. DON'T use some old random towel, or a toothbrush! This can seriously scratch the surface.


What can I use to clean earrings?

I personally use a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol  (isopropyl) on all Earring types, to remove any built-up bacteria. Occasionally, I will use hydrogen peroxide if my earrings are heavily stained due to the stain removal properties. Please don't damage them by using anything rough to clean them, and ALWAYS wash your hands BEFORE and After your done!


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