Sterling Silver Jewelry - Frequently Asked Questions
Sep 2018

Hello once again people. I have decided to create a Sterling Silver jewelry Q&A's blog, due to the positive feedback we received from my last blog post on Earrings.

This page will be based on questions we have received through email, relating to Sterling Silver.

Anyway i hope you find it helpful:

Does sterling silver tarnish?


If the Sterling silver is mixed with too much copper, it will eventually tarnish. The copper becomes tarnished, when it becomes exposed to humid conditions, as well as it's reaction to sulfur, and oxygen.

This is why the sterling silver jewelry's shine can tarnish. Other alloys created with the Sterling silver like Argentium, can avoid the tarnishing.

How to clean sterling silver jewelry?

I suspect your sterling silver items have tarnished through age.

Gently wash your sterling silver free of dirt with liquid soap, and hot water, using a fine cloth to dry it. It's crucial that you use an "up and down" motion, Don't use a circular motion...This technique will scratch your precious silver!

Remove tarnish with liquid soap, mixed with vinegar/lemon juice, using a cotton ball. Adopt a gentle "up and down" massaging technique, then dry with a fine cloth.

Under no circumstances should you use advanced cleaning techniques(galvanic reduction, baking soda methods, etc.) This can cause severe scratching to the silver.

How do I polish sterling silver?

I personally use a lint-free polishing cloth and silver polish. This sterling silver shine polish is non-toxic and is what I use.
Please do not use toothpaste. That is for cleaning teeth!

How to tell if a ring is sterling silver?


To determine the quality of silver jewelry, markings are always stamped on the various silver. With regards to sterling silver, this will be marked as 925,.925, or 92.5 respectively.

Although it wouldn't be unusual to have these markings replaced with hallmarks such as "Sterling Silver" or "STER."

Always check the markings on your jewelry to determine the amount of actual silver contained, is what you anticipated. Yes, I know online forgers get smarter, and more sophisticated, hence why you should always do your research.

If you have doubts, I STRONGLY advise you to take it to your local jewelers to have it tested for purity, for a small fee.

How durable are sterling silver rings?

Sterling silver rings are very durable, and with proper tender loving care, could last you a lifetime! You have to realize that Sterling Silver jewelry is so fashionable, and desirable, is due to the fact Pure Silver jewelry CAN, and DOES bend. Also its extremely malleable, and too soft to be considered for jewelry. To ease these flawed characteristics relating to jewelry, Sterling Silver was eventually born!

Can you size a sterling silver ring?

A Sterling silver ring can be resized depending on a few factors. It would undoubtedly be more difficult to alter it by more than one ring size. A special laser might be needed, depending on the type of stone encased in the CZ ring.

Your local jeweler will be happy to do this for you for a small fee.

Can you get sterling silver rings wet?


I assume you're asking how does sterling silver react with water?

It is not so much the water, but the chemicals in the water that is the concern. Wearing your sterling silver earrings in the shower is ok. Avoid wearing your CZ ring in the salted water, or a swimming pool.

Salt and chlorine have never been on good speaking terms with CZ jewelry! Always dry your sterling rings once you have left the shower. Merely taking the time to wipe it with a soft cloth would slow down the tarnishing process applied to cheap CZ jewelry.

Do sterling silver rings turn your finger green?

Tarnished silver ring green fingers

High contents of copper in the sterling silver rings can turn your finger green. This awful looking occurrence is due to the metal oxidizing with your skin. Cheap silver plated jewelry can also set your skin a greenish color if in contact with certain acids like soaps, and body fragrances.

How much silver is in sterling silver?

There is 92.5% of silver in our timeless sterling silver jewelry. The rest consists of various other alloys. Usually copper, zinc, rhodium or Argentium.

How much is sterling silver worth?

The price of sterling silver fluctuates frequently. This exhaustive awesome resource on sterling silver prices is beneficial.

Can sterling silver be gold colored?

If the sterling is plated with gold, it will be Gold colored. It is essential to be aware that gold-plated regarded as genuine should be at least 14 carats, containing 42.8% gold. Vermeil jewelry (silver jewelry coated with gold) can be very cost-effective, and elegant.

What is rhodium plated sterling silver?

Rhodium plated sterling prevents the jewelry from tarnishing. Rhodium costs a fortune, hence why Rhodium is often plated over other metals. Rhodium, along with Argentium coated sterling silver are the most desirable sterling silver items to own.

How can you tell sterling silver from the silver plate?

You only have to the look at the hallmarks on the jewelry. Cheap silver plated jewelry will have a slightly blueish tint when it tarnishes. Also, cheap silver plated jewelry will usually flake as it ages, and often has an unpleasant smell.

Why is sterling silver jewelry preferred to pure silver?

You have to realize that High quality Sterling Silver jewelry is so fashionable, and desirable, is due to the fact Pure Silver jewelry CAN, and DOES bend. Also its extremely malleable, and too soft to be considered for jewelry.

To ease these flawed characteristics relating to jewelry, Sterling Silver was eventually born!

What is 925 sterling silver?

925 Sterling silver is the same thing as sterling silver. It is just the marking on the jewelry, that states the integrity of these items.

Can you put real diamonds in sterling silver?

Sterling silver CZ diamond rings Are highly appropriate for weddings and engagements in particular. I would personally have the diamond set alongside tarnish-free sterling silver jewelry.

Cheap alloy tarnish would make it difficult to clean the diamond. Rhodium, Argentium, and Zinc would be your best choice with a diamond setting.

Is sterling silver good for everyday wear?

Unlike pure silver which is soft, and malleable, sterling silver is exceptionally durable with the added alloy. The more you wear your CZ items, the more you keep tarnishing at bay.

What is the difference between nickel silver and sterling silver?

Nickel silver (German Silver) does NOT contain any silver at all! It is a metal combined from nickel, zinc, and copper. You can't compare nickel silver to sterling silver.

What is better sterling silver or stainless steel?

Both are excellent choices for jewelry:

Sterling Silver is the most precious, is very versatile, and even though it is durable, can still be resized by a jeweler.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, does not require much care. Never tarnishes, never erodes, and is highly affordable if you choose a reputable seller.

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